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Logistics as a service

Managing capacity issues, high quality & safety standards, constant changes in demand and a growing need for supply chain transparency. These challenges are probably everyday business for you. Van den Bosch believes logistics is a service, driven by the power of cooperation. As your logistics partner, we not only conduct your daily logistic activities. We take care of your entire supply chain, constantly striving for support and added value. Together we develop innovative and futureproof supply chain solutions. Better, smarter and more transparent: Transforming Logistics Together.

We guarantee your delivery

As a logistics service provider, we guarantee your delivery by connecting your demand for transport with the capacity in our bulk transport network. You will define your own criteria, such as price, quality and sustainability. Based on your criteria we continuously provide you with the best suitable transport solutions for your raw materials.

Futureproof logistic solutions

Thanks to our extensive transport network, we make sure every transport is conducted according to the agreed criteria. Next to capacity, you will also experience the advantage of logistic knowledge and expertise, combined in our quality network. Together we develop new and futureproof logistic solutions to further improve your logistics.

7 Building blocks

to improve your logistics

  • 01.

    Define & match

    We guarantee your delivery by acting as a connecting factor between your transport needs and the capacity in the market. Based on the criteria you specify, we continuously find and select the best match for your requests. Moreover, you benefit from price predictability and one single point of contact.

    » Explore our FreightMatch solution

  • 02.

    Manage your quality

    We manage your quality based on the required criteria, so the intensive process of selecting and auditing your carriers is all taken care of. Guaranteeing the quality level of your carriers will be our responsibility from now on. Moreover, these premium suppliers are specifically selected for you.

    » View our Supplier Score Card

  • 03.

    Plan & forecast

    We not only calculate the most efficient route for your current shipments, we also offer you insight into your expected transport needs. Thanks to smart forecasting tools, you can anticipate on your future demand and adjust your planning accordingly. We also provide order fulfilment, handling the complete process from a transport enquiry to the delivery of the product at your customer.

    » Learn more about Quintiq (advanced planning system)
    » Discover the Seeburger Business Integration Suite (BIS)

  • 04.

    Guarantee your delivery

    Your goods are delivered at the right time and place, under the agreed conditions. In this way we offer you guaranteed delivery. If required, we take it one step further by developing a customized on-site concept to manage your logistics on-site. We can also offer you a floating stock concept, providing instant availability of your raw materials.

    » Get to know Van den Bosch
    » Equipment and supporting services
    » Read more about our extended storage solutions

  • 05.

    Track & connect

    We fulfil your order by arranging every transport from start to finish and offer you insight into the current status of your orders. You have real-time insight into your logistic flows, e.g. actual location, arrival time, documents and previous loads. By connecting our data with your systems, you can make the actual status visible to your customer as well.

    » Connect with FreightInsight

  • 06.

    Explore new opportunities

    As a logistics service provider, it is our ambition to stay ahead. That means we continuously invest in knowledge and development. As a partner, we are happy to share this knowledge and expertise with you and our premium carriers. Together we will look for new business opportunities.

    » Learn more about the Van den Bosch Experience
    » Get in touch with our logistic engineers

  • 07.

    Learn & improve

    Together we are stronger. That is why we continuously invest in getting to know each other and learning from each others processes, looking for further process improvement. Together we will take your supply chain management to a higher level. Better, smarter and more transparent: Transforming Logistics Together.

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12 Reasons

to join our network

  • Guaranteed delivery
    Guaranteed delivery
  • Define your own criteria
    Define your own criteria
  • Smart planning & forecasting
    Smart planning & forecasting
  • Constant quality level
    Constant quality level
  • Predict your logistics spend
    Predict your logistics spend
  • Single point of contact
    Single point of contact
  • Reduce your transports
    Reduce your transports
  • Real-time insight in your orders
    Real-time insight in your orders
  • Hassle-free logistics
    Hassle-free logistics
  • Access to knowledge & expertise
    Access to knowledge & expertise
  • Focus on your core process
    Focus on your core process
  • Continuous improvement
    Continuous improvement
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As your logistics partner, we take care of your entire supply chain, constantly striving for support and added value. Together we develop innovative and futureproof supply chain solutions. Join the Quick Scan and discover how we can transform your logistics together.

About van den Bosch

Leading in intermodal bulk logistics

Van den Bosch belongs to the top 10 of European bulk transport companies. As a specialist in intermodal transport, Van den Bosch takes care of the worldwide supply chain activities for customers in the food and chemical industries.

  • Founded in 1964

  • International logistics service provider

  • Specialized in intermodal bulk logistics

  • Transport of liquid & dry bulk products

  • Active for the food & chemical industry

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Road, rail and sea

Smart intermodal solutions

Road, rail and sea transport are combined in the best possible way to transport various types of liquid and dry bulk products to the designated destination.