Van den Bosch

Extended Storage Solutions


Our extended storage solutions allow you to easily expand local storage capacity without prior investments. We can offer you on-the-ground and on-wheels storage possibilities.  


Extended storage solution using containers on-the-ground

  • Temporarily or permanently increase storage capacity on-site by placing a container on the ground
  • The product is delivered directly into the extra container, which is connected to on-site storage
  • Containers on-the-ground are compatible with our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solution


Extended storage solution using containers on-wheels

  • Temporarily or permanently increase storage capacity on site by dropping and swapping containers on wheels
  • The product is delivered upon request into on-site storage
  • When on-site space is limited, extended storage can be located off-premise
  • Containers-on-wheels allows for product delivery by local drivers
  • Containers-on-wheels is compatible with our on-site solution

Why choose for our extended storage solution?

  • Secure the supply of raw materials
  • Avoid congestion, in transit and on-site
  • Optimize payload, which is no longer limited to the recipients maximum storage capacity

Are you interested in extended storage or other supply chain solutions?

Please contact us via or call +31 413 217 217 and we can advise you about the possibilities.